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But is this content truly useful?

Truly. Then again, I'm biased.

This sounds like a question for people who've already taken the plunge, then reviewed the work.

It covers plugins, servers, admin maintenance, permissions, content, and more ... definitely worth the price. There is a lot I've learnt and will definitely be implementing it on my own site.–Alex Libby, WordPress user

Do not hesitate ... impressive legwork and provides numerous code examples, internet resources, tips and techniques, plugin recommendations, and steps to take to recover a hacked site–, The Blogging and WordPress Experts

Well written, easy to understand. I learned so many new things. It covers all sorts of IT security, not just wordpress. I found the "WordPress tasks" very helpful–ale1964, WordPress user

A superb job of laying out a comprehensive overview of Internet security to help you set up and maintain a clean WordPress website that is as hacker-resistant as possible–Jeff, WordPress user

I am an IT consultant and have worked with PCs since 1982 and built my first website in 1995. I thought I knew a lot about security, but this taught me many new ways to secure sites & computers.–Stephen Britton, Tech Writer & Developer"

Those are just review excerpts.

Read the full reviews, else add one, on wpCop's Testimonials page.

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So where can I buy the book?

Good question!

The remainder of this page has some notes that may be useful.

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wpCop's Bite-Sized Small Print

wpCop has specific pages for its Terms, Privacy and Cookies policies and for my personal Disclaimer. Here's the essence.


  • Feel free to copy-paste wpCop's content to local devices such as a PC – you'll very often need to – but only for personal use please
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wpCop's Terms of Service are exceptionally boring but by using this site you are agreeing to comply with them.


  • wpCop shares NO user data and stores NO payment data, such as credit card numbers

wpCop's Privacy Policy is also rather dull but, such is the online spyscape, I tend to recommend that people read these things.


  • Like most sites, wpCop sets its own cookies for usability and to track what content is most popular, assisting content development
  • Also like most sites, wpCop indirectly sets third party cookies for things like social network share buttons

wpCop's Cookie Policy is a surprisingly good read and practically a tutorial unto itself.


  • Aside from Premium Memberships, my company Round Ideas SL may make money from you through affiliations
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wpCop's Disclaimer details each and every way I make money from this site. It's a useful read, listing some top-notch products that you might not have heard of.

Your support is valued. Very much.

Well said.

To everyone who supports the wpCop project, not necessarily financially but also by spreading the word about this resource or by assisting other folks in the wpCop forums

… I just wanted to say a ruddy great thank you.

Big cheers.