Disclaimer from Olly

Hi. My name's Olly Connelly and I run this site, wpCop.
This is where I come clean about how I may make money from you. And who knows, maybe I do.

Most web sites offer products and services, advertising and affiliations in a transparent way. But not all.

A disclaimer is an opportunity for a site owner to detail how he or she makes money and, because many revenue streams are not immediately clear, this is important.

Without further ado, here is how I can make money from my community, here at the Cop.

wpCop Subscriptions & Olly's Book

Of course, if you subscribe to the site, else buy the book, I make a buck.

And if you do buy my book, please do so here because …

  • wpCop throws in a subscription for you, providing you with the latest tutorial code. *
  • I earn more so you're directly supporting an open source initiative (as well as my bar bill!) …
  • … leading to this project growing and improving, assisting security overall.
  • With more likely forum participation from you, we're building a worthwhile community.
  • Mr Amazon's quite rich enough (and deserves it, mind).

* That first point is important. Such is progress, the book, WordPress 3 Ultimate Security which was published in June 2011, is ageing rapidly. The theory remains good, the jokes remain bad, but lots of the code is pensionable. I think it would be very wrong not to point this out.

Otherwise, I make some money, else get some kind of credit, if you click through my affiliate links.

wpCop.com affiliations

I don't affiliate to anything, on any of my sites, that I've not used myself and that, given the need, I would not be pleased to use again.

These are my affiliation partners. They're also damn fine products, although that doesn't mean they're the right choice for your need so by all means ask in the forums.

My web hosting partners

  • myhosting, the Parallels-powered VPS service (that hosts this site).
  • Linode for more advanced Xen-powered VPS hosting.
  • HostGator, the shared web host everyone seems to be affiliated to. They're good, nonetheless.

Maybe you're wondering why there are three choices here?

The kind of web hosting we need depends on a variety of factors, such as how hands-on we want or need to be and how much we want to pay. My personal choice for shared hosting is HostGator or, for totally configurable self-managed VPS hosting, is Linode. myhosting, used here at wpCop, is a better value VPS alternative to Linode, offering nearly twice the resource for half the price, the downside being that very high-end customization such as configuring your own kernel isn't possible.

My premium WordPress service partners

You know, strictly-speaking and from a security perspective, it's not a good idea to tell people what code you use because, come the zero day, there could be trouble. So I'm breaking the rules. All I can suggest is: do as I say, not as I do, although that's not easy if, like me, you disclose affiliated products that help to run your sites. (All the more reason for a rock solid backup solution.)

Other affiliations

  • PrivatVPN, the cheap, non-logging, multiple-territory privacy & data protection service. *
  • Market Samurai, the powerful SEO research tool.

* If you don't employ a VPN, yet value things like your data or having a private chat with a friend, then get one. Just thought I'd highlight that tip, call it a bonus.

Such is business, of course, this list is liable to change from time to time so maybe check back here, else follow me on Guvnr where, in future, I'll blog about what affiliations I take up, and why.

My father used to say, “Oliver, never neglect an opportunity.” He was generally referring to taking a pee before a long journey but, nonetheless, clicking through the above links may earn me dosh if you trust my advice. That dosh, in turn, leads to more ridiculously excitin' security guides. Now that's what I call good biz. It's a win-win, darling.

Shameless self-promotion

I spiel off about some of my own websites too, rather like I just did mentioning Guvnr, when it's relevant.

In particular, I refer to vpsBible.com quite a bit. Quite right too, it shows how safely to build web servers which is a topic intertwined with WordPress security.

The God's-honest truth, though, is that while vpsB's content is essentially good, the project needs an overhaul and considerable expansion. With wpCop launched I'm working primarily on that and will shortly team it up with the Cop, offering some kind of a deal for dual-site subscriptions too.

Then there's Guvnr, the site named after my farty, warty old dog, who really was “the guv” in our house.

… Having forked vpsBible (and wpCop, for that matter), Guvnr gathered dust. No more. I've rebuilt the thing and it's locked alongside these tutorial sites to chat up the web, tech and have some fun with non-related material.

I've got some other seedling sites too, one in particular which is concerned with how our web is being corporatized by the slice-dice profiteers, along with their puppet politicians who are utterly desperate to steal control and neuter our wonderful if often scary web, this, the most effective tool for democracy and education yet known to humankind. But wpCop is not a political site so I'll keep the lid on my views as best I can … excepting, that is, where things like spying from governments and their stooges affect innocent people and, more actively, what best we can do to curb their intrusion. I'll doubtless chat up those other sites as and when I've found the time to develop them properly. Shedloads of comedy there, betcha-can't-wait!

So there you go. I am thoroughly disclaimed.

Let me know any queries, thanks for your interest and I hope to meet you in the wpCop forums.