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To secure WordPress, properly, takes more than just following a few Top Tips guides and adding some plugins.

What's the problem?

Assessing risk

wpCop starts off by ensuring awareness.

What’s the Risk? outlines the threats, both direct to WordPress & via its development & remote production environments.

In wpCop’s Hacking section we’ll learn to think like hackers to test our sites and machines effectively.

Securing problems

Given knowledge, we'll use it. Vigorously.

The PC, Web, Server & WordPress sections include 100+ step-by-step security guides to protect your working environment.

There are special guides such as for disaster recovery & content protection, plus forums to help.

Defence in depth

100% security does not exist.

Let’s try anyway, layering proven techniques across the WordPress environment. That’s proactive defence.

When we’ve finished your entire network will be hardened and, most important, you’ll know how to keep it that way.

It covers plugins, servers, admin maintenance, permissions, content, and more ... definitely worth the price. There is a lot I've learnt and will definitely be implementing it on my own site.–Alex Libby, WordPress user

Do not hesitate ... impressive legwork and provides numerous code examples, internet resources, tips and techniques, plugin recommendations, and steps to take to recover a hacked site–, The Blogging and WordPress Experts

Well written, easy to understand. I learned so many new things. It covers all sorts of IT security, not just wordpress. I found the "WordPress tasks" very helpful–ale1964, WordPress user

A superb job of laying out a comprehensive overview of Internet security to help you set up and maintain a clean WordPress website that is as hacker-resistant as possible–Jeff, WordPress user

I am an IT consultant and have worked with PCs since 1982 and built my first website in 1995. I thought I knew a lot about security, but this taught me many new ways to secure sites & computers.–Stephen Britton, Tech Writer & Developer"

    wpCop shows you how to prevent attacks by hacking your website
    ... before someone else does.

    You'll uncover your site's weaknesses before sealing them off and securing your content, your data and your day-to-day, local-to-remote editorial process.

    Accompanying his book WordPress 3 Ultimate Security, Olly Connelly's wpCop is way more than a “10 Tips” guide. It layers defense in depth techniques for intense protection. You'll learn how to survey a network to flush out problems before galvanizing your site with a rack of cool tools. Solid!

    the front cover of the book "WordPress 3 Ultimate Security"

    The WordPress platform is only as safe as:

    • Your security know-how
    • Administrator discipline
    • The weakest network link

    We'll cover the bases, underpinning your working process from any location, containing your content, locking down the platform, your web files, the database and the server.

    With that done, your ongoing security is infinitely more manageable.

    And, hey, you’ll sleep better too.

    • Know the risks, think like a hacker, use their tools, find problems first & secure your WordPress environment
    • Eliminate attacks, direct or indirect, from your PC and web connection to the server, WordPress & plugins
    • Backup data & content the failsafe way and, if it’s scraped, know the law & how to enforce copyright
    • Install a first-class anti-malware solution on a PC to work safely, even on infected shared machines
    • Defend sensitive zones like the Dashboard using proper protocols, code, plugins and Apache modules
    • Weigh up web hosts, knowing what to ask & executing best defence for shared, VPS or dedicated servers
    • Have a disaster recovery plan, build a security policy and use logs to future-proof security management

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